Sept 2012


We are a brand new film production company based in the east of England.

I am Robin Forrest and I have spent most of my life as a Composer but have always had a passion for films.

Myself and my collaborators intend to make quality, thought provoking films, not particularly for financial gain but simply for the pleasure of creating entertaining stories, ‘art for arts sake’ if you like.

Our first production The Tipping Point is available here

The script for out next film is at last finished! Pre-production is well under way and hope to shoot in May of this year (2014)

Welcome to Dancing Dog Films

I am always on the lookout for talented actors, crew etc, so if you feel you have something to contribute contact me.

+44 (0)1603 618562   +44 (0) 7779 172385

Johnathan Massey...lean, mean fighting machine.

Roscoe Gibson-Denney and Evan Ryder

Locations pics from our first film The Tipping Point.

Roscoe Gibson-Denney and Peter Beck sort radio mikes.

Hattie Amey gives Jax Burgoyne a hole in the head!

The ever smiling Bijan Arasteh

Simon Delaney makes sure his goods are all in order before filming a scene!